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RxShortages Wins Monetate Open Source Prize

Philadelphia — June 23, 2011

Monetate (CruchBase profile) develops tools for website testing and marketing. Monetate launched the Monetate Open Source Prize competition in order to give back to the open source community.

We’d like to do our part to drive open source forward while supporting the Philly Tech community.

With this contest we hope to increase the amount and quality of open source code, help publicize the Philly area’s open source projects and developers, and to provide those developers more opportunity to work on their open source passions.

The contest was open to both existing and idea-stage open source projects. In order to be eligible, projects were required to release source code under an Open Source Initiative recognized license and developers needed to reside within 60 miles of Philadelphia.

The first place winner, RxShortages (source code on Github), received a $5000 prize package including a 15″ Apple MacBook Pro, 27″ Apple LED Cinema Display, iPad 2, $300 Amazon gift card for EC2 or technical books, and a month’s worth of Mountain Dew & pizza.

RxShortages is an open-source cross-platform mobile application designed to help health care providers access information about drug shortages quickly and easily.

Second Place went to Gem Testers (source code on Github), which received a $1,000 prize package including an iPad 2 and a $300 Amazon gift card for EC2 or technical books.

[Gem Testers is an] automated distributed testing infrastructure for Rubygems.

Third Place was awarded to Pyty (source code on Github), which received a $300 Amazon gift card.

Pyty is a static type-checker for Python source code… Pyty is meant to be used in instances when the security of ensuring valid logic is more important than the flexibility of Python’s dynamic-typing fetaures.