Michael C Hogan

Agile Product Development & Innovation Strategy


Agile Product Development

Agile Project Management – I have trained over 25 teams to in Scrum and Kanban project management techniques. I can show you how visualizing and controlling the release of work to employees can dramatically impact your organization’s bottom line, customer service, and product quality.

Prototyping / User Interaction Design – I can help your organization gather end user requirements by conducting user interviews, story boarding user interaction scenarios, and capturing end user workflows and business logic. Business logic and scenarios can then be translated into critical product functions and user interfaces.

Requirements Development – Documenting and maintaining product requirements can be a challenge for any organization. I have experience with both traditional and model-based systems engineering techniques for requirements development.

Innovation Strategy

Breakthrough Thinking – I have just under a decade of experience teaching and applying Breakthrough Thinking, a holistic approach to system design.

Value Stream Analysis – I have lead teams as large as 60 through value stream analysis, enabling organizations to stop doing things that waste resources and to identify and do more of what customers value.

Organization Effectiveness – I have lead teams as large as 90 through organizational change efforts. I can help to align your organization to your product by effectively integrating work, organization, and technology/tools. I can help you design process/tooling implementation plans that can scale to support thousands of employees.