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Certified ScrumMaster!

As of February 21, I’m officially a Certified ScrumMaster! Thanks to Mike Cohn and the Agile Alliance for a great preparation course.

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Using Automator to Show Hidden Files in Mac OSX

Here’s a quick tutorial in how to use Automator to create a Finder action that will show/hide hidden files in Mac OSX. I was inspired by the comments over on a blog post by Mike Sel.

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My Three Rules for Twitter

It took me some time to figure Twitter out + a need to become more influential as a Design and Innovation thought leader.

What I’ve learned is that who a person follows says a lot about who they are. It’s not like Facebook where you’re saying “these are people I know” it’s more like “these are people who influence the information I prioritize and base opinions/decisions on.”

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Easiest way to read e-books on Mac or PC

EPUBReader Firefox add-on by @epubread is great for e-book reading and an essential part of an author’s testing workflow.

Since its a Firefox extension it will work great across PCs and Macs. Here’s how to get started with EPUBReader today:

1. Use the Firefox web browser to visit this website: http://www.epubread.com/en/

2. Click on the large green button that reads, “Add to Firefox” and follow the instructions through 2 or 3 more clicks.

3. Restart FIrefox

4. In Firefox, choose File Open… and open the ePub file you’d like to read.
That’s it!

The reading experience is a little different on every device, but this is a good way to get a sense of how the ePub will look across devices in general.